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About Us

About Us

We began our IT and video surveillance business in 1998. Our goal was to be part of the growing reliance on computer technology and the desire to feel protected and connected in our own homes. We are proud of our meager beginning but now we accept that we need to do more for our community and fellow citizens.

Today’s news is filled with reports of carjacking, purse snatching, senior citizen abuse, robberies, assaults, home invasions, break-ins, kidnapping and college campuses as crime scenes. The NRA says “refuse to be victim,” we say PY@AT, Protect Yourself At All Times! That Is our goal at Bnet Safety. No matter what you own or have accomplished, what matters most is the feeling of security and peace of mind.

We offer a vast variety of non-lethal and surveillance items available for personal and property protection. We also offer, off the grid, hiking and camping gear.

As for stun guns, the situation has gotten so bad that many, if not most, jurisdictions now legalize them for personal use. You can check the law in your jurisdiction.

We are here to support your concerns and your needs. If you needs are many, we offer wholesale discounts.

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